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Health Insurance against unexpected medical expenses

PNB MetLife 12-09-2016 12:08:06 PM
Health Insurance plans

Given today’s constantly changing lifestyle all of us are susceptible to complex health issues. An unexpected health problem in the family leads to an increase in medical expenditure. In such a scenario, the paucity of funds often leads to borrowing or selling of assets to cover the expenses incurred. Read More

Unexpected expenses can be either be an emergency hospitalization or an accident. The innumerable tests and other medical expenses required, can play havoc with your family budget. Therefore it is wise to invest in a suitable health insurance plan which ensures that you are covered for such unexpected expenses and get the best treatment for your family. 

A Health Insurance Plan in India should include the following:

  1. Adequate cover – A comprehensive health insurance plan should ensure that the sum insured or the lump sum should take into consideration the growing inflation and its effect on health expenses.
  2. Family cover – It is always advisable to go in for a plan that includes your immediate family. This also gives your spouse additional maternity benefits.
  3. Cashless payments – This secures you against hospitalization without any cash requirements from your end. The insurance company would make direct payments to the hospital.
  4. Post recovery care– This takes care of any medical requirements after the hospitalization term is over.
  5. Additional benefits – Some plans offer you a top up, which you can only make use of once you reach the limit of deductible.

To conclude, a health insurance cover is designed to take care of any unforeseen health care and hospitalization requirements. Thus investing in a health cover guards us against any financial calamity which may arise due to health related issues.