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Debunking common myths surrounding diabetes

GOQii 17-02-2016 10:54:07 AM
Debunking common myths surrounding diabetes

Diabetes is a disorder that has been threatening mankind across the globe for years. It is one of the leading reasons for increase in death rate. Data from WHO states that its global prevalence will grow from 8% in 2011 to an estimate of 10% by 2030. It is best considered as a silent killer that affects the functioning of vital organs like kidney, eye, and neurons which can be fatal.

Diabetes is a disorder in which pancreas start stimulating less insulin than required which leads to increase in sugar levels in blood which prohibits the sugar from reaching the cell. Majority of people get highly disappointed when diagnosed with diabetes as they believe they can no longer lead a normal life. However, if you focus on your food intake and do regular activities, diabetes can be controlled without having to pay much emphasis on medication.

In this article, we have decided to debunk some of the common myths that stop diabetic patients from leading a normal life. Read More

  • Diabetic patients need to follow different diet from rest of the family
    Contrary to the popular misconception, people suffering from diabetes can eat the same food that their family is eating. Present nutrition guidelines for diabetes offer a plethora of choices which allows people to indulge in their favourite food. People suffering from diabetes should not keep themselves away from healthful diet that consists of vegetables, fruits, whole grains, & heart-healthy fats.
  • Giving into food cravings is a sin
    Food cravings are inevitable among humans, and diabetic patients are no exception. If you complete try and abstain from sweet overnight, your body automatically creates cravings.
    The best way to handle this situation is by following a healthy eating plan which occasionally lets you indulge in sweet. If you are hit by craving, let yourself have a small bite of whatever it is. This would help you in enjoying the taste without the hazard of overeating later on.
  • Stay away from starchy food
    Starch rich foods like bread, pasta, cereal & rice provide carbohydrates, the energy source of the body. Every one of us needs carbohydrate in our daily diet, even people suffering from diabetes. One thing people need to understand is that weight gain occurs when you consume more calories than you can burn. The idea is to know about how much quantity you need to eat from all food groups to keep blood glucose levels off the danger mark. One can always opt for starchy foods that are whole grain and rich in fiber which provides overall nutrition.
  • Strictly follow low-sodium diet
    Having diabetes doesn’t make salt and sodium taboo for you. But, it is highly advisable to cut back you sodium intake as it is linked to high blood pressure. Even if you are not suffering from high blood pressure, you will be better off keeping a check on your sodium intake as many people are “salt sensitive.