Innovations give rise to the possibility of longer and healthier lives.

Can Innovations Lead to a Longer Life?

PNB MetLife 12-08-2016 03:33:07 PM
Can Innovations Lead to a Longer Life

The past few years have seen wristbands record heart rates, sleep cycles, health routines as well as store biorhythms. The technology of these wristbands and apps has led to a new generation of health conscious individuals

Latest innovations have not only improved healthcare possibilities, but also enabled better diagnosis and personalized medical attention. With more details about one’s health, timely diagnosis, and resulting better medical interventions, it has now become possible to live a better and healthier life. Read More

Artificial Intelligence & Healthcare
Technology has touched and improved human life by continuously exploring new avenues in the medical field. Artificial intelligence in healthcare has helped improve medical diagnostics by the integration of medical data and patient history.

Robotics & Healthcare
Medical robotics has saved many human lives around the world, with their precision, accuracy, and mobility in difficult procedures. Simplifying surgeries and minimising costs are just some of the benefits. The use of robotics in surgeries and healthcare will in the future surely increase, enabling doctors to be more efficient.

Sensors & Healthcare
Wearable technology has made amazing advances in the recent past. With microchips, smart analytic, cloud storage and wireless data transmission, sensors can help with everything from remote patient care to early diagnosis. Experts estimate this market to grow exponentially in size and revenue. Sensors have truly become one of the most talked about and effective innovations in healthcare.

Stem Cell Research
Using patients’ own stem cells to regenerate tissue, has increased the success rate of many complicated medical procedures such as curing disabilities to due damaged spinal cords. Stem cell specialists have also voiced the application of Stem Cell Therapy in Parkinson’s disease, heart disease, cancer, burns, Alzheimer’s disease, stroke as well as osteoarthritis.

While there are many other accelerating technologies such as prosthetics, genomics, and robotics, breakthrough technologies in medicine come at a cost. Being able to use the best science has to offer, requires one to plan and protect against inevitabilities.