Stairs - Take a step today and experience a better tomorrow

Stairs - Take a step today and experience a better tomorrow

GOQii 11-02-2016 11:43:21 AM
Advantages of climbing stairs

Have you ever wondered why many of us can run a quarter-mile without losing breath and feel like you are out of a minor surgery after climbing 10 stairs? The answer is simple: Highly effective workout will never be a walk in the park. Stair climbing is highly hailed as a unique form of exercise that can impact your life in a positive and powerful way.

Science has over the years successfully proven that everyday activities like walking and taking stairs are more closely related with improved health than indulging in sports. Read More

Climbing stairs is considered in high regards by doctors and health authorities across the globe as statistics show:

  • Just by climbing 8 flight of stairs daily, you can reduce early mortality risk by 33%
  • Climbing stairs for 7 minutes a day can halve the chances of heart attack by 10 years
  • Adding two more minutes to your daily stair climbing routine can put a stop to average middle age weight gain
Stair climbing improves your overall cardiovascular fitness and is officially recognised as a ‘vigorous’ form of exercise that helps in burning more calories than jogging.

A comprehensive workout for your heart, mind, muscles & bones

Climbing stairs leads to increase in heart rate that helps protect your body from weight gain, high blood pressure & clogged arteries. This further helps in lowering the risk of developing chronic illnesses like heart disease, diabetes, vascular dementia & even certain types of cancer.

Climbing stairs also provides ample exercise to your bones & muscles, which helps in improving strength, bone density & toning of muscles. It is highly essential for women who have a sedentary work life as they are exposed to greater osteoporosis risk than men.

As fascinating and surprising it might sound, but climbing stairs also helps in improving your mental health. Physical activities like stair climbing helps your body in releasing endorphins, which are lovingly called as feel good hormones. It also helps you manage your daily stress and tensions.

An easy and effective habit to cultivate

Climbing stairs does not need any particular skill-set and it can easily fit into one of your daily habits. It is necessary for your workout to be a part of your daily habit as it helps significantly to your long term wellbeing.

Walking or Stair climbing

Keeping aside all the arguments, the best way to look at stair climbing is as a more advanced version of walking. Both are highly beneficial, but climbing stairs demands you to pull your weight against gravity, which requires more effort resulting in more rapid benefits.
You can even climb stairs at a normal place and still burn two or three times more energy than walking quickly on a flat surface.

Small steps lead to better gains

Climbing stairs is such a powerful form of exercise that most people start feeling stronger within a week. If these small steps are taken for a considerable period of time, it eventually leads to bigger gains.

Safety first: 

Make sure you never run down the stairs, but you can surely pack some pace while running up, and make sure you take a break when needed. Start doing this regularly and soon you will be running up flights of stairs, feeling fitter, younger, stronger and leaner.