5 manageable health tips to reach your goals

5 manageable health tips to reach your goals

PNB MetLife 11-02-2016 11:43:21 AM
Achieve your health goals in 5 easy ways

Failed your healthy New Year’s resolution already? Here is your second chance, but smarter, more manageable, and easier – these life hacks are almost as simple as getting a takeaway. As our smartphones already help us with everything that we don’t want to do, we will use technology to reach our health goals too. Let’s take one step at the time. Here are easy and proven health tips to chew off the fat. Read More

You want a small snack to start? “Avoid any food that has a TV commercial.” 

  1. Choose the alternative?
    Too much stress, lack of time, constant availability – there are plenty of reasons to eat unhealthy and high calorie foods. Getting healthy doesn’t necessarily mean crunching away on celery sticks every day, but there’s always an alternative. Try some of the following:
    • Some bread snack on the way to work – eat two granola bars instead
    • Caramel Frappuccino for your coffee break – get a fresh fruit juice instead
    • Salmon fillet (or other oily fish) or pasta at lunch – try the Caesar salad instead
    • Muffins or pies as an afternoon snack – munch oatcakes, fruits or nuts instead
    • Your regular takeaway on the way home – add as many veggies as possible

      Being healthy is somewhat like nature’s life insurance – but these aren’t bad either. Getting some health quotes and an insurance plan will also indicate how fit you actually are.
  2. Working wonders with superfoods
    There are dozens if not hundreds of superfood diets – one is more confusing and impossible to maintain than the next. Nutrition noobs with a chronic anti-gym mentality often shy away from superfoods in fear of failing.

    But there is no rule – just eat the following whenever you can: Beetroot, pomegranate, broccoli, blueberries, quinoa, nuts, green tea, avocado, and oily fish (less often though, as very high in calories).

    Numerous studies, such as from the NHS in the UK, have indicated benefits regarding energy levels, cancer prevention, improved immune system and more.
  3. Health tips via apps
    You may be reading this on a smart device. If not, then it’s probably in the vicinity. As smart phones steadily replace the dog as man’s best friend, technology can also help you to live a healthier life. Use apps to keep track of your goals and to get a better insurance plan and health quotes.
    • Water Drink Reminder (at least two litres daily)
    • Pocket Yoga (for the daily stretching)
    • Stepz (daily step counter)
    • My FitnessPal (nutrition tracking)
  4. The easiest step
    Bed, bus, desk, couch and the like make us live a very sedentary lifestyle. Having a white-collar job shouldn’t be synonymous with inactivity. An extremely fit 75-year-old former office worker told me recently his secret to staying healthy. “I never used escalators and elevators in my life.”
    No need to go to the extreme, but here are some smaller steps to take.
    • Short breaks to walk around
    • Walk to cover short distances instead of public transport 
    • Substitute every second escalator with taking the stairs
    • Five minutes stretching in the morning and the evening
  5. Don’t like gyms?
    Can’t blame you. Swimming though is a fabulous alternative to sweaty gyms and is similar to resistance training. A regular half-hour swim will have a calming effect on the mind, while building muscle flexibility. Outdoor sports, such as basketball and football, will also improve coordination and increase both muscle quantity and quality. They are also way more fun and social.

    No matter if you follow all or just some of these health tips, you must remember that nothing is instant. While the change is gradual, once you are rolling towards your health goals, the effect will snowball. Lower stress levels could mean that you have fewer health complications and can live a happy and fulfilling life. Try some of these life hacks, as a good health is still the best life insurance.