What does Critical Illness Rider covers?

Win the Battle Against Critical Illness With Critical Illness Rider

PNB MetLife 29-09-2016 12:41:57 PM
Win the Battle Against Critical Illness With Critical Illness Rider

Critical illness refers to a serious, life threatening disease or disorder. A critical illness is not only drains you emotionally and physically but also proves to be a financial burden. During the course of the treatment one has to go through a lot of inevitable expenses; right from medicines to tests to hospital fees and so on. Read More

In such a scenario, a critical illness insurance rider goes a long way to enable the insurer has the funds to get the right treatment and care. A critical illness insurance rider gives the sum assured to the life insurance policy holder on diagnosis for the purpose of treatment.

Riders are add-on covers, which insurers provide to enhance the scope of a life policy. In case of a critical illness, life cover proves ineffective as it does not cover the entire treatment cost. On the other hand, if it is topped with a critical illness benefit rider, the policyholder stands to gain a lump sum upon diagnosis of such an illness. It also takes into account the post recovery costs. Cancer, kidney failure, and bypass surgery are some critical illnesses covered under a critical illness rider. 

In order to identify the critical illness rider best suited for your needs, one must take into account various factors. Some of these parameters include age, regular mode of commuting to work and the history of critical illnesses in your family. Also, the costs involved should be taken into consideration. The riders are added at a premium cost as per the underwriting norms in case you decide to go in for a critical illness rider along with your basic health policy.