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How To Port Your Different Health Insurance After Marriage | 03-10-2019

Getting married brings a lot of changes in your life, including your financials. Here’s how you can deal with th... Read More

How to Add a Spouse To a Health Insurance | 03-10-2019

Getting married is a major milestone in your life. It also means added responsibilities like providing health/Li... Read More

On National Sports Day, Let’s indulge into sports and take a step ahead for our health | 29-08-2019

Let National Sports Day be a reminder of the need to priorities our health and plan to combat disease with healt... Read More

How ageing affects your immunity? | 28-08-2019

As we age, the immune system weakens, and we become more vulnerable to infectious diseases and critical illnesses. Read More

Why yoga is your key to a happier and healthier life | 20-06-2019

On the occasion of World Yoga Day let’s explore how yoga can help you live a happier and healthier life. Read More

Here’s why you need a dedicated cancer insurance plan | 17-06-2019

Here are some cold facts when it comes to cancer: India has around 2.25 million cases with over 1 lakh new cases... Read More

Eat healthier, live better: The importance of good nutrition and sticking to the diet plan | 17-06-2019

Hippocrates, of the eponymous Oath and known as the father of medicine, famously wrote: “Let food be thy medicine.” Read More

7 Factors that Affect Health Insurance Premium in India | 27-05-2019

If you are planning to buy a health insurance policy, there are a variety of plans available. The coverage offer... Read More

Port Health Insurance: Complete Understanding of Process - PNB MetLife | 27-05-2019

Excerpt: The insurance industry of India consists of 53 insurance companies of which 24 are in ... Read More

World No Tobacco Day 2019: How tobacco affects your lung health and common misconceptions around it | 27-05-2019

Tobacco use is one of the most preventable risks that many of us take despite its ill-effects on our health and ... Read More

Things to Know about Restoration Benefit with Health Insurance - PNB MetLife | 01-05-2019

Buying a health insurance plan is as important as having a life insurance plan. The simple reason is that when y... Read More

6 Preventive Measures Against Diabetes for Women - PNB MetLife | 10-11-2018

Diabetes can have a great impact on one’s life and especially women due to their busy schedule. We bring here a ... Read More

How to Stay Healthy & Fit as the Season Changes - PNB MetLife | 25-10-2018

The changing season always brings hope for something new. The fresh rain after a hot summer, the warm spring aft... Read More

Wondering How to Stay Fit During the Monsoon? We’ve Got Six Tips for You | 04-07-2018

Sometimes, in the blink of an eye, the scorching heat of the summer can transform into cloudy skies, pouring rai... Read More