Nanhi Kali

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Nanhi Kali

"Damini” is a CSR Initiative by PNB MetLife that focuses on creating interventions across various life stages from ‘Girl Child to Women’. The initiative focuses on empowering underprivileged girls and women in Semi Urban and Rural India.

The initiative will support: 

  • Girl child education: 
  • Providing knowledge to girls on sexual abuse: 
  • Providing knowledge to girls on menstrual hygiene: 
  • Bringing financial empowerment to rural women by providing them with skills to be self- reliant & financially independent:

As a first step towards this, PNB MetLife launched its initiative in partnership with Nanhi Kali to support 1000 underprivileged girls in Moga district of Punjab. The project will be undertaken in Varanasi in Uttar Pradesh next. These projects will impact 2000 girl children (1000 in each area) at the primary school level.

PNB MetLife’s Damini initiative, through its partnership with Nanhi Kali, will provide 360-degree educational support to girls through the intervention. This would include 2 hours daily free remedial/academic support classes where trained tutors engage the girls in concept based learning. The girls would also be given a school supplies kit consisting of uniforms, personal clothing, pullover/raincoat, note books, stationery, a school bag & feminine hygiene products. The Nanhi Kali team will work extensively with parents and communities to sensitize them towards the importance of educating girls and also against social evils like child marriage and gender discrimination.

In our country, the female literacy rate is only 65% at the national level and 46% in the rural areas (1), with dropout rates of girls as high as 50% before Grade 10(2). With the association with Nanhi Kali, PNB MetLife wants to offer help and support to bridge the gender education gap and sow the seeds of social change in some of the deprived areas in the country.

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